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Steven Holl "Working with doubt" - 2009_...

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Sujet : Working with doubt

Auteur : Holl Steven

Diffusion : Princeton Architectural Press, 2009

Steven Holl
Working with doubt…

In every serious philosophical question uncertainly extends to the
very roots of the problem. We must always be prepared to learn
something totally new.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1950.

Today, working with doubt is unavoidable, the absolute is suspended
by the relative and the interactive. Instead of stable systems we must
work with dynamic systems. Instead of simple and clear programs we
engage contingent and diverse programs. Instead of precision and
perfection we work with intermittent, crossbred systems, and
combined methods. Suspending disbelief and adopting a global
understanding is today an a priori condition, a new fundamental for
creative work in science, urbanism, and architecture. Working with
doubt becomes an open position for concentrated intellectual work.
The research and preparation required for any integrated urban
suces sis quite different from previous periods that imposed classical
styles or sought to fulfill the absolute aim for a twenty-first century
architecture in contrast to the empirical kitsch of the post-modern.
We aim for an architecture that is integral :
landscape/architecture/urbanism, an architecture of deep
connections to site, culture and climate, rather than an applied
signature style. Working with openness and doubt at outset of each
project can yield works engaged on levels of both site and culture :
many different urbanisms, rather than a single urbanism.

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