ALLE2 - Jacques Herzog et de Pierre Meuron "Acceptance Speech"


Jacques Herzog et de Pierre Meuron "Acceptance Speech" - 2001_...

Sujet : Prix Pritzker

Auteur : Herzog Jacques et de Meuron Pierre

2001 Laureates Acceptance Speech
"Dear Mrs. Pritzker and all of the Pritzker family, dear members of the jury, dear friends, ladies and
gentlemen, thank you for so many things. Thank you for your ongoing and uncompromising commitment
to architecture. Thank you for choosing us for this prize which we were longing for and hoping to get,
like only children can wish to get things deep in their hearts. Thank you to our clients and friends, some
of whom are here this evening, for their support and their willingness to dialog also in difficult phases
of a project."

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