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Olafur Eliasson "Models are real" - 2007_...

Sujet : Models are real

Auteur : Eliasson Olafur

Diffusion : In Models Volume 11. Edited by Emily Abruzzo, Eric Ellingsen and Jonathan D.Solomon. New York. 2007

In order to understand, inhabit, and evaluate space
it is crucial to recognize its temporal aspect. Space
does not simply exist in time; it is of time.

Previously models were conceived as rationalized
stations on the way to a perfect object.
A model of a house, for instance, would be part of
a temporal sequence, as the refinement of the
image of the house, but the actual and real house
was considered a static, final consequence of the
model. Thus the model was merely an image, a
representation of reality without being real itself.
What we are witnessing is a shift in the traditional
relationship between reality and representation.
We no longer progress from model to reality, but
from model to model while acknowledging that
both models are, in fact, real. As a result we may
work in a very productive manner with reality
experienced as a conglomeration of models.
Rather than seeing model and reality as polarized
modes, they now function on the same level.
Models have become coproducers of reality.

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